Hi:  My name is Cynthia. I came home from the hospital in a wheelchair. My leg had been amputated and I was going to be in a wheelchair for a long time. This was a major life change and adjustments were going to challenging. I had to figure out how to accomplish things. I had to find out how to live in my home again. Everything was different. Everything even looked different. How was I going to do this or that from a wheelchair?

As I created ways to accomplish things safely, I started keeping notes in a journal. My friends encouraged and inspired me to share what I was learning with others.

So, I wrote “Journey in a Wheelchair” to help others meet the challenges of this or other mobility issues.

I’m in a wheelchair but that doesn’t prevent me from doing most of the things I want to do and/or did before. I am determined, I persevere and I maintain an upbeat attitude. I wish the same for you.

Please follow my journey in my book, “Journey in a Wheelchair”. It is available at my online store www.bonanza.com/booths/comfortcreamline or www.bonanza.com go to their book section and type in the title. Questions? email me at bandida@frontiernet.net or call me at 845-888-2671.

I wish you God’s blessings as you meet your challenges. May my experiences help you to become independent.

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