Case Histories

TEMPORARILY IN A WHEELCHAIR – A mother with small children injured her leg and had to be in a wheelchair for 6-8 months. She said “Journey in a Wheelchair” helped her to quickly adjust. She followed the suggestions on what changes to make in her surroundings and went on from there. She was able to carry out her daily functions and tend to her children’s needs. She was grateful for the book.

WEAKNESS WHEN WALKING – A woman with a degenerative disease would soon require the use of a wheelchair for mobility. She was unhappy about the prospect. She perceived using a wheelchair as an acknowledgement of weakness. “Journey in a Wheelchair” made her realize a wheelchair would become her freedom. It would help her to move around and continue to do things around her home that she was unable to do with her increasing walking difficulties.

DEPRESSION -Tom was soon to be discharged from the hospital after a leg amputation. He was worried about going home and not being able to help his wife with cooking, cleaning and other daily tasks. He read “Journey in a Wheelchair.” He realized from the detailed explanations in the book of how to accomplish things in a wheelchair, that he could be active at home. His depression lifted.

PHYSICAL THERAPISTS – A Physical Therapist who treats patients at home, gave “Journey in a Wheelchair” to some of her patients. She said they were discovering new ways to accomplish things by reading the book. Another therapist had a patient who was afraid to cook. She overcame that fear as she followed the methods detailed in the chapter on cooking and baking.

HOSPITAL-GENERAL – One of the hospitals that purchased “Journey in a Wheelchair” is giving it to patients using a wheelchair upon discharge to use as a reference for safety and increasing independence at home.

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